Semi-Detached House In Orchard On Sale For $12mil

A 2 floors semi-detached home around Orchard was opened to sell by Expression of Interest, with a model amount of regarding $12 mil in other words $2,450 psf accorded to the 4,896 square foot ground area, revealed advertising rep Edmund Tie.

Perfect Ten – condo floor plan

Located by Jalan Kelawar, this indefinite ownership semi-detached is situated on a raised rectangle-shaped location that is marked out by Orchard Boulevard, Paterson Road and also Grange Rd.

The property is neighboring the Orchard Rd, meantime the new Orchard Blvd MRT station is just 3 hundred meters distant. Even though it is located within near vicinity to numerous commercial centers along with conveniences, the bungalow is taken shelter in a serene and privileged landed house territory.

“Freehold property housing around this area are securely kept furnished the specified quantity. This type of an option is tough to come by furthermore we foresee keen curiosity from both property owners and also real estate investors,” claimed Tan Chun Ming, Executive Director of Investment Advisory at Edmund Tie.

He noted that the residential property’s $2,450 per square foot asking price examines on the positive side to the transactions within the vicinity. Households at the new One Tree Hill Collection are transacting at rates greater than $3,000 per sq ft.

“The residential property is going to be sold on an as-is-where-is principle together with uninhabited ownership and is ideal for renovating or addition plus modification assignment to generate the optimal residence,” he expressed.

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